To receive a rank in the Water Vikings, you must join our Discord.

Click HERE to join.


High Council of Vikings: Kingfunks4, Change, Pjayo, Buddy

Adden, Buddy, Change, Bactt, Pjayo, Revan

Blueysib6, Potassium, Guncotton, Vivala, Superhero123

Sarahah, Snapple, Dino, Xenomorth, Minty, Hydro21

Fish, Chey145, Bailey, Jazmine, MagicLentilSoup

 Bri, Izuku, Jdawgz, Pydro, lilox7

Phrogg, Firestar, konfusion, Woezel, Oreo

Advisory Board
 ManuGinobili, Tylund1, Jack283, WackyJacky, Zoomey, Fedd



Here Comes The Wave


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