This page is for any parent who has concern with the Water Vikings

The Water Vikings are a friendly Club Penguin army which has existed since 2010, we strive to provide fun and safety to our members. All leaders and high ranked members are trusted veteran members of the Water Vikings who  enforce and upkeep our ideals of providing a safe place for all within the army.

Although we call ourselves an army we do not support violence of any kind. Club Penguin armies are groups of people who each have their own unique name and uniform and log on Club Penguin and ‘battle’ each other by forming different shapes, throwing snowballs and using emotes. It is all designed for fun and games for people to enjoy and challenge each other to see who is the biggest group with no ill will towards each other.

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Water Vikings in a ‘battle’ with the Army Of Club Penguin

We only accept people with consent from a parent or guardian or between the ages of 18-21 in rare occasions if they have previously been in the Water Vikings or are a trusted member of the community. We regulary check those within the army to ensure nobody is doing anything that would put somebody in our army at risk as safety is our main goal for all.

If you have anymore questions you may fill in this form where we a member of the leadership will get back to you. We can contact you via email or through a Discord call if you would rather talk verbally.