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Weekly Water Recap [30-05-21]

Water Vikings Weekly Recap

Hola Vikings! Guess I’m officially taking over Booper’s job, huh? Good think I love writing so much aha xo foo. Anywayyy, this week has been extremely exciting! Let’s dive in!

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[US] Blast to the Past with ACP

Hello Vikings! 

On 1st June, 2021 the Vikings logged on to Abominable on CPR and took on our beloved allies, the Army of Club Penguin! However, this battle was different from our usual ones. We had a 2007-style battle with all instructions given on CPR itself! We fought in the Stadium and Iceberg; thanks to Oreo for leading both rooms! And don’t forget about our Battle with Ice Warriors on Wednesday!

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[EU] Pizzalympics Event

Hello Pizza Vikings!

   Today, May 30th, 2021, we logged on to Zipline on Club Penguin Rewritten for our 6th Olympics event, the Pizzalympic, where we had an Pizzatron 3000 Tournament! The Water Vikings had a DELICIOUS performance throughout the Gift Shop and Town! We had amazing 25 troops online cooking the best pizza in the city! We also celebrated the return of the great Moses106, so make sure welcome him, yay!

   Congrats to Paragon9 for winning the tournament and shoutout to Moses106, Oreo and Abi/Floppa for leading rooms and Jorge and Moses 106 for VC leading! Thank you leaders, staff members and all troops who made this hungry event happen!

Special shoutout to Omsk from our cute allies, Silver Empire, who wrote this yummy (and colorful) post about our awesome event today, make sure to check it out 😀

   Stay tuned for our next event tomorrow, May 31st, where we will travel through time back to 2007 (get old school baby) and battle our great allies, Army Of Club Penguin, make sure to attend because it’s gonna be super fun, hope to see y’all there!

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[AUSIA] Cart Surfer Tournament

Hey Surfy Vikings!

Today, 30th May 2021, we logged on to Zipline on Club Penguin Rewritten to show off our best moves in the Cart Surfing Tournament! We started off at the Gift Shop before we went to the Mine, where the Ice Warriors crashed the party for a Mini Practice Battle (I know I said we should do it next time, but I didn’t mean 2.5 seconds later!) With spicy tactics and even spicer tricks (and the spiciest of all, the formations, which deserve their own website tbh), the Vikings dominated that scene, but none more that our beloved GunMommy who outshone us all and won the tournament! Thanks to everyone who came!

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[EU] Battle VS SWAT


Today, 29th May, 2021, we logged onto Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten to battle SWAT!

We met up at the Gift Shop for the warmups then headed over to the Iceberg for the first room and then the Stadium and finally, we ended it off at the Cove.

Special thanks to Misty, Df, and Sofia for leading the rooms! And another very special thanks to the amazing Jorge for doing some very very nice VC transcribing!! Nice work fella 😀

I think it’s no question that we easily won this battle, they just couldn’t keep up with our tactics we just had the kind of speed they had never seen before!!

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[AUSIA] Find Fourolympics

Hello all you Clever Vikings! 

Today, 29th May 2021, we logged on to Zipline of CPR for an amazing Find Four tournament as a part of our ongoing Water Vikings Olympics Week! Our strong Ausia gang met up at the Giftshop, where we first waddled to Town and finally to Ski Village. From there we moved to the Ski Lodge for an intense Find Four race! Congratulations to Wolfgirl for getting first place!!   OOOO  

Big thanks to Alex, Df44, Sofia and Claire for doing a part in leading. This was a really fun event, as AUSIA events always are, and I hope to see all of you today 9pm UK in our battle against SWAT.

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Weekly Water Recap [23-05-21]

Water Vikings Weekly Recap

Hello there Vikings! Booper has broken his promise yet again (Super if you’re reading this, SHAME) so here I am, presenting you with my blood, sweat, and tears the WET 7 DAY RECAP! My oh my what a week it’s been…

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[AUSIA] Dancelympics

Hey Dancy Vikings! 

Today, 28th May, 2021, we logged on to Zipline of Club Penguin Rewritten for a Dance Competition as part of the Water Vikings Olympics Week! After many a skirmish with other armies, we danced through the Cove, Iceberg and Stadium! We then went to the Nightclub and busted out our best moves! Congratulations to Oreo for coming in first! Don’t forget about the Find Four tournament tomorrow!

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Shiny Grey Empire did an Ausia and they’re too lazy to write their own post

Hello there Shiny Greys and Puddle Vikings!

Comsk was much too tired to write your post, and being the amazing, kind lovely ally that I am, I’ll be writing your post today! Since Comedy hates colorful posts, this is exactly what it’ll be.

The Shiny Greys logged on to the Town in Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten to find some fours! They had a spectacular Max of 25, and as always, spicy spicy tactics. Congratulations to the God of 4s and Devourer of McDonalds, Ryan, for winning! Thanks to everyone who came out today!

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[EU] Icelympics Event

Hey WV!

Today, May 23rd, 2021, as a part of our Olympics theme, we had an Ice Fishing Tournament! In the 15 minute event, we logged on to Ascent, and went from the Town, to the Docks, Cove, and finally the Ski Lodge, before starting to play the ice fishing game. Thank you Claire, Oreo and me (Abi/Floppa) for leading rooms and Jorge for vcing!

The winners for the Ice Fishing game were Sol for highest score without a pole, Comedy won for the highest score of allies, and Paragon9 won for the highest score with a pole. Congrats!

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