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[AUSIA] Invasion of Dish Central (SUCCESSFUL)

Helloooo Vikings!

Today we logged on to Sleet (more like Sleep) on CPR to Invade a piece of Templar land, namely Dish Central! We started off at the Snow Forts before heading over to the Mineshack to battle, followed by the Stadium and finally the Iceberg! We successfully invaded Dish Central, the First Successful Invasion of this war by either army! Shoutout to df44 for taking over, and F in chat for gugagustavo and their extremely inaccurate prediction lol

Max: 14

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From the Gates of Frostbite



Written in memorium of “As The Sun Descends…” by Stromae

Addressed to the USWV,

Greetings Water Vikings, I am Dino. Some of you might know me and some might completely not know me; that is completely irrelevant. All you need to know is that I advise the Water Vikings army. I felt like writing this post due to the recent defeat at today’s AUSIA invasion against the Templars army.

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[AUSIA] Invasion of Constantinople (Been a long time gone, Constantinople)

Hello Vikings!

Today we logged on to Sleet on CPR to Invade Constantinople, currently held by Templars. We started off at the Stadium before heading over to the Mineshack, Iceberg, and back to the Stadium. Although we lost this one, we’ll be back stronger than ever! Thanks to everyone for showing up!

Max: 17

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Defense of Aarons Bastion/ THE RETURN OF BERT [US]

Hey there Vikings! Today we started our campaign against the Templars once again. They tried to break our will and take our server Aarons Bastion, but they failed. Once again we held our ground and proved our will is unbreakable. Thank you to all who showed up and I hope to see you at tomorrows AUSIA invasion! Now onto the results. Continue reading


Hello Vikings,
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[US] War Training

Hey there Vikings! This evening we logged on to CPR to invade land #23 on CPAHQs map, while also doing a war training, because we always like to be prepared for that! It was a really fun training event, with Mabel and John Doe arguing with each other in VC the whole time LOL. Anyway, thanks to all who showed up for tonights event and thank you to Mchappy for judging the invasion! Now onto the results.. Continue reading

[AUSIA] Hidekings and Seekueens

Hello Vikings! 

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR to invade land 22 on the CPAHQ map! We started off at the Plaza before heading over to the Stadium to claim our land! After a successful invasion, we celebrated with a game of Hide and Seek! Shoutout to Dragon for stepping in at the last minute to judge us (living up to your name, I see)

Max: 13

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[UK/US] Battle vs RPF

Hey there Vikings! Today we had a practice battle vs our amazing ally, the Rebel Penguin Federation! We started off in the Snow Forts, where we battled for 10 minutes, then we headed on over to the Berg for another 5, we did really amazing today Vikings! After the battle we headed on over to the Ski Hill where we did some Sled Racing with our lovely ally! Thanks to all who showed up and took pictures! GG to RPF! Continue reading

[AUSIA] Battle vs Ice Warriors

Hello Vikerinos!

We logged on to Ascent on CPR for a friendly Battle with the Ice Warriors! We started off at the Plaza, then we moved to the Snow Forts, Stadium, and the Iceberg! Thanks to everyone who came!

Max: 16

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[EU] Miner Takeover

Hello Vikings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a Miner Takeover! We started off at the Forest before drilling our way to the Mine! Once we worked hard in the mines, we had a Cart Surfer Tournament! Congratulations to Paragon9 for winning first place! Thanks to everyone for coming!

Max: 21

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