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Water Vikings Temporary Shutdown

The Water Vikings hereby enter into a temporary shutdown.

We will be returning very soon to our usual scheduled events. In the meantime, we’ll be chatting away on our Discord as per usual!


Hello all, Over the past 14 months the Water Vikings have been amongst the very biggest and most competitive armies in the community – we have sparked some of the most interesting wars and we have helped to reshape the landscape of CP Armies. This has been under multiple leaderships, HCOM, staff and troops – I would like to personally thank you all for your incredible efforts over this year. It is with a heavy heart that I am here today to tell you that the leadership, Misty and Oreo and higher council of Vikings, Buddy Adden myself and Change, have agreed to a temporary closure of the army. Many of you will be asking why we have decided to take this course of action. In truth, sizes have been on a gradual size over the past months and we have lost a considerable chunk of our staff and higher command. There have been some limited internal conflicts, but it has become harder to maintain this army to the legacy that we want to uphold. Again, I would like to thank everyone that is still putting in 100% into this army and that is what makes this decision even harder. This, however, is not goodbye. The army will be returning under a new leadership, however the exact time span is to be confirmed. There is a team already working behind the scenes to bring the army back, and we will keep you updated. Staff and troops – I hope to see you back when we reopen. For now – fear the wave :wave1:


Misty Fucking Yeets Herself

Hello Vikings, non-Vikings, Former Vikings, and bitches everywhere. Guess what? I’M RETIRING! 

I could write a long ass post about how the 8 months (to the day) I’ve been here have been an amazing experience I’ll never forget, or the 2 months I spent leading have been a learning experience for sure, yada yada yada… BUT NO!

I would like to say I have come across a plethora of different people from all walks of life and I will cherish my time with each and every single one of them. It’s been one hell of a ride and thank you to everyone who supported me and all that shit. 

But the only purpose of this post is to give everyone who reads this a fucking headache.



Former Viking Commander, Currently Dead, Forever a bad bitch

The Ocean Oracle: Pets of Our Staff!

Hello again Vikings and welcome back to another post for Ocean Oracle! You may be recognized with some of our staff member’s pets, especially if you look at our emotes, but do you know about ALL of our pets? Probably not, so let’s introduce them!

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[AUSIA] Defence of RIP Ur Mom

Hey Vikings! 

Today on 23rd June, 2021 we logged on to Crystal on CPR to battle the Red Ravagers, who wanted to steal our server at a very inconvenient time! We battled it out Inside the Mine, Iceberg, finished off at the Gift Shop. Unfortunately, we lost the server, so RIP RIP Ur Mom ;-;
Unfortunately we couldn’t get event pics, but RR graciously allowed us to use theirs! Thanks to everyone who showed up today, you guys are real ones 🙂

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[EU] Defense of Frostbite

Hey Vikings!

June 22, 2021, we logged onto the server Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten to defend our capital, Frostbite, up against the Silver Empire! Although we fought hard, unfortunately we lost all 3 rooms, but I hope this helps us want to improve our skills and tactics in the future, so good job today Silver Empire!

Max: 25

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[EU] Battle vs Templars

Hey Vikings! 

On 21st June 2021, we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a practice battle with the Stinky Templars. Despite Xing being the one to ask for the battle in the first place, and refusing to do anything other than a 3pm EST battle, the Templars didn’t show up! We were oh so disappointed in them for standing us up again, so we played Gartic Phone to drown our sorrows ;-;
Don’t forget about the Defence of our capital, Frostbite, at 4pm EST on Tuesday! (with Change Viking Change leading :E5:)

Max: 24

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June Catalog Secrets


FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital Hellooo vikings!! Welcome to another edition of the Ocean Oracle! A new Penguin Style has been released for June on Club Penguin Rewritten. It contains tons of summer and music themed items and I will be showing you all the secrets inside the catalog! (And if you need coins for all these cool items, use the code FORBROKEPENGUINS for 10000 coins 😮)


Page one has five items: the Saturated Sombrero, Saturated Poncho, Pair of Maracas, Orange Flower Bikini, and the Blue Quilted Vest.


Page two has six items: the Icy Eyelashes, Twilight Lei, Music Jam T-Shirt, Starlet Eyes, Fishing Vest, and the Starshine Makeup.


Page three has four items: the Boombox, Blue High Tops, Orange Fade Hoodie, and the Color Splash Hoodie.


Page four has five items: the Holo DJ Suit, The Holo Headphones, The Fuchsia Fringe, The Funktastic, and the Straw Fedora.


Page five has four items: the Rainbow Hoodie, The Rainbow Curls, The Rainbow Sweep, and the Western T-Shirt.


That’s it for this months catalog secrets! What do YOU think about these hidden items? Let us know in the comments below or on discord.


Viking Commander & OO Skald

[EU] Battle Training

Hey Vikings! 

On 2oth June, 2021, we logged on to Zipline on CPR for a super important Battle Training Event! We practiced word tactics at the Town before moving to the Stadium to practice formations and bombs! We put it all together at the Iceberg for a final practice! Thanks to everyone who came out today! Don’t forget about all those defenses coming up!

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[AUSIA] Hydro Hopper Tournament

Hey Vikings!

On 2oth June, 2021, we logged on to Zipline on CPR for a fun Hydro Hopper Tournament! We stayed at the Stadium while a very sick Misty led a few tactics before we jumped some ocean trash (don’t pollute, guys ;-;)! Thanks to everyone who came out!

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Weekly Promotions [06-20-21]

Heyy vikings!

This weeks promos are out!! Congrats to those who got promoted!

End of Week Promos

Toby ———> Viking Captain

Seal ———> Viking Captain

Qualy ———> Viking Berserker

Ashley ———> Viking Sailor

Mystic ———> Viking Sailor

Rachoogian ———> Viking Soldier

Ebizu ———> Viking Soldier

Iby ———> Viking Soldier

Jean Sama ———> Viking Soldier

Staff Promos

Mabel ———> Viking Chief

Sol ———> Viking Guard

Paragon ———> Viking Warrior

Cait ———> Viking Warrior