The Tide Has Settled – My Retirement

Hi all!

Well, the time has come. After a long yet successful career, it’s time for me to call it quits and move on with my life. Since I joined CPA in 2011 as a nooby 4ic in the Ninjas Army, I’ve come & gone a few times but what’s important is that I always came back, mainly for the thrill of leading and for the friends I’ve made in the community. Over the years, I’ve led many different armies and made many friends. Many of you who got to know me, and I’m so glad I got to know all of you. 

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[UK] Dragon Takeover

Hey Vikings,

Today our troops logged into Marsh, CPR for a dragon takeover. We visited the town and the berg performing multiple tactics with our fiery friends, even running into some miners along the way! Thank you for everyone who came out and helped us max 30 penguins!


unknown (85)

[US] Invasion of Island

Hey Water Vikings,

Today we logged into BlizzardIsland a brand new CPPS to claim more land for out nation. We invaded the server Island, visiting the pond and stadium. We maxed 17 penguins performing multiple tactics in each room, trying new ones aswell. Thank you to all who attended!