Water Vikings of CP


Former Servers of The Water Vikings

*Last updated 30/9/2016*

Capital – Frostbite

Frostbite it the birth server of the Water Vikings.

Co-Capital – Ice Box

Sub Zero was the capital of the Ice Warriors during the time of the mass exodus of summer 2015 when they all left Ice Warriors for Water Vikings under Kingfunks4 sparking that generation and all generations which followed that one.

AUSIA Capital:

War Headquaters:

Foreign Affairs:

Main Ports:

Legendary Islands:


Leaders’ Home:


Owners’ Home:

Moderators’ Home:

Retiree Home:

Due to new funding, the Water Vikings have now built retiree homes big enough for all retirees to live at.

Other Servers:

Full List Of All Servers:

This is the Water Vikings empire. It is every troops duty

to protect it, patrol it and keep it safe from all enemies!


Treaties/Non-Aggression Pacts



Diplomatic Relations

* = Brother Ally


Army of Club Penguin

Silver Empire


>All armies left unspecified<



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