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Water Vikings: Announcements

New to Water Vikings?

Hey there, new troop! If you want to join us and become a Water Viking to get a chance to win Discord Nitro, promotions and more, just click the link below to join our discord. There you’ll receive information about our next battle and talk with all the other friendly Water Vikings!

[US] TUX REDUX Takeover

Hello Water Vikings!

Today, Wednesday, February 17th, 2021, our army logged on to Ascent, CPR for our TUX REDUX Takeover Event. We wore chic black suits and walked on the red carpet trough Docks, Mine and Cove! We also got raided by Templars, but it didn’t distract us from the event, it was a funny meeting! Thank you so much to all the troops who attended, and make sure to attend our upcoming huge Practice Battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation on Saturday, February 20th! Cya!

Max: 20

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[US] Staff U-Lead Event

Greetings, Vikings!

On Tuesday, February 16, 2021, the Water Vikings logged onto Abominable, CPR, for our Staff U-Lead event. Rooms were led by Xenomorth, Claire, Mistymoonlake, Chey145, and Dia. This training event for both troops and mods prepares us for our battle with RPF this Saturday. Stay Tuned!

Max: 25

7-14 February WV recap

Water Vikings’ Weekly Recap

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[14-02-21] [AUSIA] Training Session

Hey Water Vikings!

Today we logged onto Blizzard and had a AUSIA TRAINING SESSION.

During the event we danced with mining helmets on the Iceberg!

Thank you to all the Vikings who attended.


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Top Ten Troops [02/07/21-02/14/21]

Frostbite, Water Vikings Capital The first ever Top Ten Troops of Water Vikings sees an interesting mix of both staff and citizens of the Water Vikings empire.


Image result for water vikings troop of the week site:wvofcp.wordpress.com

Top Ten Troops

1. df44 [93.64]
2. Kiloz [93.27]
3. Rawr [75.3]
4. Dia [74.24]
5. Minty [72.9]
6. Oreo [62.22]
7. Matty [57.21]
8. Claire [56.56]
9. AlexNight [53.67]
10. P0ly [53.43]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Thanatos [52.02]
12. Jorge M [50.67]
13. Pydro [50.29]
14. Almanackan [50.04]
15. Elixir Alpha [49.74]


Where did YOU place in this weeks Top Ten Troops? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


[EU/US] Practice Battle with Silver Empire

Hey Vikings!

Today we logged on to Abominable CPR for our Practice Battle against our allies Silver Empire! During the event we visited the Berg, Forts and Mine and did well with tactics and speed in each room! Thank you to all those Vikings who attended today, make sure to attend our important AUSIA event tomorrow to increase promotion chances!

Max: 35

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[EU] Training Event


[US] Christmas Tree Takeover


[EU] Pizza Takeover

Hey Water Vikings!

Today we logged on to Crystal, CPR for our Pizza Takeover Event. During the event we wandered the island dressed as chefs and travelled to the Mine, Forts and Cove! Thank you to all those Vikings who attended, and make sure to attend our upcoming Practice Battle against the Silver Empire on Saturday February 13th!


Max: 30


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