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[EU] Rainbow Week Purple Takeover

Hey Vikerinos! 

Today, on 3th May, 2021 marks the beginning of the Rainbow Takeover Week! We logged on to Crystal on CPR donning a gorgeous purple and took over the Iceberg, Docks, and Inside the Mine! A huge thanks to everyone who attended, especially Abi and Claire for leading, and Sofia for VC transcribing! Continue reading

[EU] Practice Battle VS Ice Warriors

Hey Vikings!

Today, Saturday 1st May, we logged onto Abominable on CPR, for a Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors!! We did amazing bombs, tactics and formations at the Iceberg, Forts and Stadium. Thank you Funks, Misty and Oreo for leading us today and a special thank to Alex for transcribing. And that concluded the Kingfunks4 takeover week! Thank you all for coming and make sure to check our upcoming events! FEAR THE WAVE!

Max: 22

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[AUSIA] Puffle Warriors Reunion

Hey Vikings!

Today, on the 1st of May, 2021, we logged on to Crystal on CPR for a Puffle Warriors Reunion event for our fourth event of Funks Appreciation Week. We made our way through the Ski Village, Pool, and Boiler Room, maxing 23 Penguins! All with the help from Misty VC transcribing and leading, and Funks finishing us off strong with his leading. Stay tuned for later today where we will be doing a Battle vs Ice Warriors for Funks Appreciation Week!

Max: 23

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[EU] Operation Federation

Hello Vikings!

Today, Thursday April 29, 2021 we logged onto ABOMINABLE for a fun event. As we were doing tactics in the Town, Iceberg, Docks, and Beach, we wore red today instead of our usual blue, in honor of the Funks Takeover, celebrating the Federation Army, an army Kingfunks4 led in 2014. It was then merged with the Water Vikings, which led to the Blue Summer! Continue reading

[EU] Operation Takeover


Today, Wednesday, April 28th, 2021, We logged onto Zipline for a fun little event where we dressed up in the ice cream apron and tested our speed on tactics while giving out scoops of flavorsome ice cream to the public!

With the help of Claire, Abi, and the man himself KingFunks giving the tactics and Misty and myself transcribing we dished out our emotes in the Town and the Stadium and towards the end pulled a decent amount of Vikings.

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[EU] Battle Against ACP

Hey Vikings!

Today, on the 27th of April, 2021, we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a Battle against ACP for our first event of Funks Appreciation Week. We battled through the Iceberg, Docks, and Stadium, maxing 22 Penguins! Stay tuned for tomorrow where we will be doing an Ice Cream Takeover for Funks Appreciation Week!

Max: 22

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[AUSIA] Training Event

Hello Vikings!

Today, Sunday, April 25th, 2021, our army logged on to Abominable, CPR for a AUSIA training event. We started at the Town and then we held some amazing formations, bombs and tactics throughout the Iceberg, Stadium, and Inside Mine! This was a special event as the army legend Kingfunks4 returned as an Interim Viking Commander for this next week! Thank you Funks, Misty, Alex, Claire, Rawr and Jorge for leading us today. Thank you so much to all troops who attended and don’t forget to check our upcoming events. FEAR THE WAVE!

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[EU] Spring Showdown Battle

Today April 24, 2021, we logged on to Server Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten for the Spring Showdown Battle! We battled the Ice Warriors, Help Force and Army of Club Penguin in the Stadium, Cove and Inside the Dojo! We fought hard and did well, having great word tactics and emotes. Thank you to everyone and thanks to the Army of Club Penguin for hosting! Thanks to all the troops who attended the battle and great job! Make sure to wish our HCOM-In-Training, Claire, a Happy Birthday!

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[EU] Second Invasion of Templars (Declaration of Victory)

Hey Vikierinos!

Today, on 23rd April, 2021, we logged on to Ascent on CPR to invade the Templars once again. We battled inside the Mine for a short time before the Templars chickened out YET AGAIN! Since they ran away with their tails between their legs, this battle was declared a Victory to the Water Vikings! Continue reading

[US] Second Defense vs Templars

Hey there Vikings!

Today, on April 22, 2021 we logged onto CPR and headed to the server Abominable to battle against our enemies, the Templars! During the battle, we made it into overtime and although we fought hard, we unfortunately lost the battle. Looks like Xing’s Toshiba was fully charged today! Make sure to thank Abigail and Oreo in leading this battle today! Look out for our next event happening tomorrow!

Max: 20

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