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[AUSIA] Dance Party

Hey Vikings!

Today, 13th June 2021, we logged on to Zipline on Club Penguin Rewritten for a fun Dance Party! We stayed at the Iceberg for a bit, where Wolfgirl led the tactics for us! We then headed on over to the Stadium for a short battle with the Ice Warriors, or so we thought. They flaked on us ;-; We decided to dance our pain away after this heartbreak. Thanks to everyone who came out today!

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[EU] Invasion of Jerry’s Funeral

Hey Vikings!

Today, 12th June 2021, we logged on to Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten to battle the Golden Troops for their land, Jerry’s Funeral! We battled across the Iceberg, Stadium, and the Gift Shop. With awesome puns and great tactics, the Vikings conquered Jerry’s Funeral, and renamed it Bumland! (it’s for BuMu get your mind out of the gutter) Thanks to everyone who came today, let’s keep it going!

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[EU] Invasion of Half Pipe


Today, June 11th, 2021, We logged on to Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten to battle against the Golden Troops again (at a much more reasonable time)!! And just like last time we totally dominated the 5 of them who were there, by winning all three rooms yet again!! We journeyed to the Stadium for warmups and then for the battle we ventured to the Inside the mine, Stadium again, and then into the Underground Pool!!

Thanks to Mabel, Abi, Misty, and Claire for leading the respective rooms and a huuuuge thanks to Jorge for VC leading the whole thing, none of this would be possible without you bro, you’re the goat!! 🙂 Let us hope this back to back defeat the Golden troops took will make them realize the wave is just too big for them to stand up against, come back better next time guys 😀


Love you Oreo

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[AUSIA] Battle vs SSCP

Hey Vikings!
Today, 11th June 2021, the Vikings logged on to Zipline on Club Penguin Rewritten for a Battle vs the lovely Sea Serpents of Club Penguin! After warming up at the Plaza, we waddled over to the Iceberg (where Minty and Cotton finally joined us!) to battle the serpents! We then went to the Beach, where things got a little Nessie, I mean messy! The Ice Warriors crashed the party! Unfortunately this meant we had to cut the battle short (all of us were frozen, what did you expect?) but we had a nice game of Find 4! Don’t forget about the Invasion of Half Pipe later today!

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[US] Defence of Frostbite

Good Morning Vikings! 

Today, 9th June 2021, the Vikings logged on to Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten to defend our server Frostbite against the Golden Troops! This very very late event (thanks to GT) was a total success, because we saved our server! Even with the unusual time, we had 21 penguins show up! (22 if you count Notfrm63rd who was stuck in town) Thank you to each and every one of you who showed up today, y’all are amazing! Thanks to Oreo, Abi, and le moi for leading rooms today, and Mabel for VC transcribing! We have a busy weekend ahead of us so react react react!

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[US] Defense of Northern Lights

Hello Vikings! 😀

June 7th, 2021, we had our first battle of the week up against the Templars in order to defend our territory, the Northern Lights! We logged onto the server Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten and started our warm ups in the Gift Shop! We first started off the battle in the Stadium, then moved over to the Ice Berg! Lastly, we ended our battle off in the Snow Forts!

When the results were given, we had only won one room, and that was the Stadium, however we’ll be defending more territories in the future, so don’t fret! Good job today Vikings, and let’s hope to see higher numbers in our maxes with our future battles!

Also a thank you to the vets today who joined us in our battle! Even if we didn’t win according to the judges, we’ll still be winners either way 😉 And remember, YOU TEMPLAR SOY!

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[EU] Puffle Rescue Party

Hey there Vikings!!

Today, June 6th, 2021, We logged onto Zipline on Club Penguin Rewritten to help rescue the puffles from certain death!! We started off in the Giftshop and then headed over to party Inside the Mine! Special thanks to Oreooo and Misty and Abi for leading the rooms!! And a biiig big thanks to Jorge for VC transcribing!! You did great as always pal, you’ll be a leader before you know it 😀

And another thanks to everyone who came to the party and making it all possible!! You people are the real miracles 😛 Make sure you really try and make it to the DEFENCE OF NORTHERN LIGHTS  we have tomorrow and react in the channel!! We need everyone we can get for the battle!! 🙂

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[EU] Pride Parade

Hey Water Vikings!

   Today, June 05th, 2021, we logged on to Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten for our battle against Templars! The Water Vikings had an amazing forms and fast tactics throughout the Town and Stadium with 13 troops online! After the rough battle we joined this nice community on the great and funny Pride Parade! Thank you to everyone who organized it!

   Shoutout to GunCotton and Misty for leading rooms and VC leading! Thank you leaders, staff members and all troops who made this awesome event happen! Also an special shoutout to Jorge for his amazing PRIDE outfit! Shoutout to Tomato, Tuik and sensei aka Stick10 for never being in a picture together!

   Stay tuned for our next event tomorrow, June 06th, where we will travel all the way to Hawaii and have a tropical event! Make sure to attend because it’s gonna be super fun, hope to see y’all there!

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[AUSIA] Sushi Takeover

Konichiwa Vikings! 

Today, 5th June, 2021, we logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten for a Sushi Takeover! We started off in Town, but because of the crazy crowd there, we quickly moved to the Nightclub for a short event. With delicious puns and clean cut forms, I’d like to consider this event a success! Don’t forget about the two event today, the Battle vs TCP and the Pride Parade!

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[EU] Prodigal Sons

Hello Vikings! 

Today, 4th June, 2021, the Vikings logged onto Zipline on CPR to extend a warm welcome back to our beloved 2ics, GunMommy and First One, Moses106. These two amazing veterans came back to the Water Vikings last week to support the current leadership. Translation: We’re amazing and they wanted to be a part of it! We sang our praises to them at the Gift Shop, Town, and Stadium, and guess what? They didn’t even show up! How rude! We played Haxball without them because we weren’t gonna miss out on the fun like they did :wary:


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