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[EU] Second Invasion of Templars (Declaration of Victory)

Hey Vikierinos!

Today, on 23rd April, 2021, we logged on to Ascent on CPR to invade the Templars once again. We battled inside the Mine for a short time before the Templars chickened out YET AGAIN! Since they ran away with their tails between their legs, this battle was declared a Victory to the Water Vikings! Continue reading

[EU] First Invasion VS Templars

Hey Water Vikings!

   Today, Thursday, April 22th, 2021, we logged on to Ascent, for our 1st Invasion Against Templars. The Water Vikings performed great bombs, clean formations and fast tactics through the Docks, Mine and Stadium. We managed to have amazing 18 troops online to CRUSH Templars winning with a score of 1-1-0! Thank you leaders, staff members and troops who attended today and made this nice event happen! Stay tuned for our 2nd Defense VS Templars upcoming later today!

Max:18 Continue reading

[EU] Training Event

Hey Vikings!

Today, on 20th April, 2o21 we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a Training Event. It was a short and sweet event where we stayed and trained on the Iceberg waiting for Templars to show up and raid us as promised, but they chickened out. Who wouldn’t when they’re facing the Horned Gigachads? We maxed 29 pengerlingies today! Thanks to everyone who came today! Continue reading

[EU] Practice Battle vs Ice Warriors

Hey Vikings!

Today, Saturday 17th April, we logged onto Crystal on CPR we logged on for a relatively short but eventful Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors!! With the help of Misty and Abi typing up the tactics and the mighty Cotton leading the VC we fought in only 2 rooms, the Iceberg, and the Stadium! Continue reading

[EU] Practice Battle VS Help Force

Hey Vikings!

Today, April 15 2021, we logged on to Crystal on Club Penguin Rewritten and had a battle against Help Force.
We battled in the rooms Underground Pool, Inside the Lighthouse and Inside the Gift Shop!
The battle was close and we maxed decent numbers with good tactics and emotes.
Thanks to everyone who attended the event! Continue reading

[EU] Battle Against Swat

Hey Vikings! 

Today, 14th April 2021, we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a battle vs SWAT.

The three rooms we battled in were the Docks, Forest, and Iceberg. Continue reading

Operation Kingdom

Hey Vikings!

Today we logged on to Ascent, CPR for our planned EU Event, codenamed “Operation Kingdom”. Due to the unforeseen circumstances of each leader being unable to make it to the event, we got off to a later start and were only able to visit two rooms, those being the Stadium and the Forts. Thank you to all Vikings who attended this training event, make sure to attend our next planned Chess Event Tomorrow!

Max: 22

Continue reading

[EU] Color Wars

Hey Vikings! 

Today, on 9th April 2021, we logged onto Ascent on CPR for the Color Wars battle! It was a 4 way battle between the Water Vikings, Silver Empire, Army of Club Penguin, and Help Force! We fought our way through the Dojo with ACP, the Docks with HF, and the Stadium with SE (darn that stupid floating egg).  Continue reading

[EU] U-Lead [08-04-2021]

Hey Vikings!

Today, Thursday 8th April, we logged onto Ascent on CPR for a delightful U-lead event! We had lots of fun when mods, df44, Abigail, Sofia, Alex and dragonX, gave the leedurs a break by taking over and leading. They even got Jorge to VC lead for the whole event, which was a treat for us all (hopefully potassium remembers to add those extra 10 silvers to Jorge’s piggybank). In return, the leeeeeduuursss blessed us with two peculiar rooms being Ski Lodge and Dojo. :wary:

Anyways this fun-tastic event was a great preparation for tomorrow’s Colour Wars. Hope to see you all there!

Max: 31

[EU] Battle Against Ice Warriors

Hey Vikings!

On April 7,2021 we logged on to Ascent on CPR to battle against the Ice Warriors.  As we went into Stadium, Iceberg, and Snow Forts with big word tactic bombs, we made sure the do these tactic quickly and efficiently. Both armies did very well with their forms, tactics and speed. Thank you everyone who was able to attend! Continue reading