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[EU] Defence of Aaron’s Bastion (again)

Hello Vikings! 

Today we logged onto Ascent on CPR for yet another war battle. This time we attempted to defend Aaron’s Bastion from the stinky Templars. We lit the way across the Stadium, Iceberg, and Mineshack. We had a great max today, super proud of you Vikings! Make sure to attend the Defence of Feddshire later today!

Max: 28

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[UK/US] Battle vs RPF

Hey there Vikings! Today we had a practice battle vs our amazing ally, the Rebel Penguin Federation! We started off in the Snow Forts, where we battled for 10 minutes, then we headed on over to the Berg for another 5, we did really amazing today Vikings! After the battle we headed on over to the Ski Hill where we did some Sled Racing with our lovely ally! Thanks to all who showed up and took pictures! GG to RPF! Continue reading

[EU] Miner Takeover

Hello Vikings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a Miner Takeover! We started off at the Forest before drilling our way to the Mine! Once we worked hard in the mines, we had a Cart Surfer Tournament! Congratulations to Paragon9 for winning first place! Thanks to everyone for coming!

Max: 21

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[EU] Sledding with Ice

Hey Vikings!

We logged onto Ascent on CPR to Sled with the Ice Warriors after a quick Battle across the island! We battled in the Stadium, Iceberg, and Snow Forts before running up the Ski Hill to sledge back down! Thanks to everyone who showed up!

Max: 19

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[EU] Invasion of Pine Needles

Hello BLOCcers!

Today we logged on to Abominable on CPR to Invade land from PIC! We started off at the Stadium, then we battled across the Iceberg, Inside the Mine, and back to the Stadium! Unfortunately, the Vikings will not have the peppery tang of Pine Needles wafting through the lands, but onwards we move!

Max: 22

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[EU] Invasion of Snow Angel/Training 27/10/21

Hey Vikings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR to invade the server Snow Angels along with the Western Bloc Alliance! Unfortunately, since there weren’t enough judges, the invasion turned into a Training Event! We started off at the Stadium before heading over to the Mine to sharpen our tactics, and we had a whopping 29 BLOCers today!
Special shoutout to Velia for doing such an awesome job VC leading!

See you tomorrow at the Invasion of Jackhammer! 

Max: 20 

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[EU] Champions Cup Victory Parade 25/10/21

Greetings Amazing Vikings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR to celebrate our UNDENIABLE VICTORY in the Champions Cup Tournament! We gathered at the Iceberg before partying our way to the Stadium! Shoutout to everyone who came, y’all are GOATED! See you next time! VICTORYWV

Max: 29

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[EU] The Day of Many Events 17/10/21

Welcome, Vikings!

Join me as I take you through the events of this… uh, eventful day! We logged on to Ascent on CPR for our Champions Cup Battle vs RR! We gathered at the Docks to collect our wits before going to the Everyday Phoning Facility (which is just that and nothing more) and battling the Red Ravagers who wore invisibility cloaks! Once we secured the win, we moved to the Snow Forts to battle the Ice Warriors, who were acting particularly mugglish IMO (jk all love) Finally, we waddled to the Plaza for a group selfie! Thanks for coming folks!

Max: 24

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[EU] Thin Ice Tournament 15/10/21

Hola Vikings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR to play some Thin Ice! Where better to gather than the Iceberg before we headed on over to the Arcade to play! Congratulations to Paragon9 for once again winning game night and securing the Thin Ice God role (very fitting for a score of 9863!)

Max: 20

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[EU] Ghosts vs Ghostbusters 13/10/21

Hello Vikerinos!

On Wednesday, we logged on to CPR donning our ghost outfits to scare the icicles out of the Ice Warriors, who wore their Proton Pack! We battled it out across the Stadium, Inside the Mine, and the Snow Forts! Thanks to all the ghouls and ghosts who showed up!

Max: 14

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