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[AUSIA] Aunt Arctic Takeover

Hola Vikings! 

Today, 4th June, 2021 we logged on to Zipline on CPR for our Aunt Arctic Takeover! We donned our pink torques and wore a dazzling green as we dressed up in the Gift Shop! We stayed there for a while (this level of perfection takes time, darlings) before we headed to the Iceberg for a Who Wore It Best – Green Edition! While our lovely allies, the Army of Club Penguin, did look amazing, nothing compares to the natural beauty of Aunt Arctic, nothing except 21 of ’em! Thanks to everyone who came out today; and remember, if you have a question, Ask Aunt Arctic!

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[AUSIA] Cart Surfer Tournament

Hey Surfy Vikings!

Today, 30th May 2021, we logged on to Zipline on Club Penguin Rewritten to show off our best moves in the Cart Surfing Tournament! We started off at the Gift Shop before we went to the Mine, where the Ice Warriors crashed the party for a Mini Practice Battle (I know I said we should do it next time, but I didn’t mean 2.5 seconds later!) With spicy tactics and even spicer tricks (and the spiciest of all, the formations, which deserve their own website tbh), the Vikings dominated that scene, but none more that our beloved GunMommy who outshone us all and won the tournament! Thanks to everyone who came!

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[AUSIA] Find Fourolympics

Hello all you Clever Vikings! 

Today, 29th May 2021, we logged on to Zipline of CPR for an amazing Find Four tournament as a part of our ongoing Water Vikings Olympics Week! Our strong Ausia gang met up at the Giftshop, where we first waddled to Town and finally to Ski Village. From there we moved to the Ski Lodge for an intense Find Four race! Congratulations to Wolfgirl for getting first place!!   OOOO  

Big thanks to Alex, Df44, Sofia and Claire for doing a part in leading. This was a really fun event, as AUSIA events always are, and I hope to see all of you today 9pm UK in our battle against SWAT.

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[AUSIA] Dancelympics

Hey Dancy Vikings! 

Today, 28th May, 2021, we logged on to Zipline of Club Penguin Rewritten for a Dance Competition as part of the Water Vikings Olympics Week! After many a skirmish with other armies, we danced through the Cove, Iceberg and Stadium! We then went to the Nightclub and busted out our best moves! Congratulations to Oreo for coming in first! Don’t forget about the Find Four tournament tomorrow!

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[AUSIA] Back in Time Party


Today, 23rd May, 2021, We logged onto Abominable on Club Penguin for a quick blast to the past as we dressed up in prehistoric costumes for the Back in Time Party!!

We met up at the Gift Shop to start off the fun then headed over to the Berg and finished it off at the Stadium!!

Special thanks to Kiloz for leading the warmups and Misty and Claire for leading puntastically, and a big big thank you to Df44 for VC transcribing for us last minute 🙂

Thanks to everyone who took event pics, who turned up as well!!

Very nice job to C4NN0N for the coolest costume today 😉

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[AUSIA] Battle With Fire Warriors

Hola Vikingos!
Today on May 22 2021, We logged on to Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten! We went to the  Stadium, Cove and Snow Forts for a steamy Practice Battle against the Fire Warriors! We had a good amount of penguins online and clean forms, awesome tactics! We did well today, and we are proud of you all for your efforts! Huge thanks to everyone who attended the event!

Make sure to attend the Asteroid Takeover later today!

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[AUSIA] Roller Disco Party

Hello Funky Vikings!

   Today, May 16th, 2021, we logged on to Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten for our Roller Disco Party! The Water Vikings danced to the greatest 80’s hits through the Gift Shop and the Night Club! We had awesome 25 troops online showing off their best moves!

   Shoutout to Claire, Misty and Sofia for leading rooms and AlexNight for VC leading! Thank you leaders, staff members and all troops who stayed groovy today!

   Stay tuned for our Spy Takeover later today, May 16th, make sure to attend because it’s gonna be super fun, hope to see y’all there!

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[AUSIA] Misty’s Birthday Party!

Oi Vikings!

Today, Friday, May 14th, we logged onto Ascent, CPR, for a special AUSIA event, to celebrate the birthday of our spicy leader MistyWe performed awesome formations, tactics, and bombs throughout the Plaza, Pizza Parlor, and Night Club. It was a super fun event! Thank you Misty for leading, Sofia for an amazing and hyped VC transcription, and Alex for warmup. Let’s not forget DJ Clown Jorge with his funky beats! And, of course, thank you to everyone that showed up to wish a warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!


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[AUSIA] Rainbow Week Red Takeover

Hey Vikings!

Today, on 8th May, 2021, we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a Red Takeover! We hung around in the Town having loads of fun, maxing 26 Penguins! Shoutout to Jorge for VC transcribing and leading along with Misty and Vio. Also thanks to Sol for recording this video here!

This event marked the end of the Rainbow Takeover, but fear not! Stay tuned for later today we will be hosting a Kite Flying Competition!

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[AUSIA] Ocean Oracle Debut Event

Hey Vikings!

Today, Tuesday 4th May, we logged onto Ascent on CPR, for celebrating the debut of the Ocean Oracle. We did bombs, tactics and formations at the Town. Thank you Misty and DragonX for leading us today and a special thank to Cotton for vc transcribing. Thank you all for coming and make sure to attend our Blue takeover of our Rainbow Week🌈! FEAR THE WAVE!

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