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Templars, the CPA Magicians



Addressed to the USWV,

Greetings, fellow Water Vikings! This is your Consigliere Dino speaking. The Templars of Club Penguin today attempted to declare war on us. Unfortunately for them, that didn’t work out in favor. Read out to find out more!

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Conclusion of the Helligland Campaign

Spike Seal of the Water Vikings.


Addressed to the USWV,

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Hello Vikings,
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Misty Fucking Yeets Herself

Hello Vikings, non-Vikings, Former Vikings, and bitches everywhere. Guess what? I’M RETIRING! 

I could write a long ass post about how the 8 months (to the day) I’ve been here have been an amazing experience I’ll never forget, or the 2 months I spent leading have been a learning experience for sure, yada yada yada… BUT NO!

I would like to say I have come across a plethora of different people from all walks of life and I will cherish my time with each and every single one of them. It’s been one hell of a ride and thank you to everyone who supported me and all that shit. 

But the only purpose of this post is to give everyone who reads this a fucking headache.



Former Viking Commander, Currently Dead, Forever a bad bitch

Weekly Promotions [06-20-21]

Heyy vikings!

This weeks promos are out!! Congrats to those who got promoted!

End of Week Promos

Toby ———> Viking Captain

Seal ———> Viking Captain

Qualy ———> Viking Berserker

Ashley ———> Viking Sailor

Mystic ———> Viking Sailor

Rachoogian ———> Viking Soldier

Ebizu ———> Viking Soldier

Iby ———> Viking Soldier

Jean Sama ———> Viking Soldier

Staff Promos

Mabel ———> Viking Chief

Sol ———> Viking Guard

Paragon ———> Viking Warrior

Cait ———> Viking Warrior

The Beginning of the Owa Owa Alliance

HOT CHOCOLATE, Foreign Affairs – Hey everyone! I come bearing news, and trust me, it’s one spicy scoop!

On 8th June, 2021 the Water Vikings made an announcement that could change the course of the army! Under the leadership of Misty and Oreo, the Vikings formed an alliance with the Fire Warriors! Dubbed the Owa Owa Alliance, this steamy duo is sure to make hot waves in the army community! Thanks to Austin for this amazing graphic

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Weekly Promotions [06-13-21]

Helloooo fellow vikings!!!

Here’s this weeks promotions! Congrats to everyone who got promoted, they were well deserved!!

End of Week Promos

Modded ———> Viking Staff Trainee

Cait ———> Viking Staff Trainee

Seal ———> Viking Berserker

Qualy ———> Viking Sailor

Alien ———> Viking Soldier

Jazzzzy ———> Viking Soldier

Izzyyy ———> Viking Soldier

Ashley ———> Viking Soldier

CallMeNameLess ———> Viking Soldier

Staff Promos

Fudge ———> Viking Warrior

Reekid ———> Viking Warrior

Sol ———> Viking Warrior

Weekly Promotions [06-06-21]

Helloooo vikings!!

So from now on we’ll be doing promotions on the site.😮 Congrats to everyone that got promoted!!!


End of Week Promos

Sol ———> Viking Staff Trainee

Tomato ———> Viking Staff Trainee

Cait ———> Viking Navy Officer

A l e x ———> Viking Navy Officer

ModdedVirus ———> Viking Navy Officer

FBIChris ———> Viking Navy Officer

Wolf girl ———> Viking Major

Qualy ———> Viking Soldier

Pxrple Pixxie Rxnger ———> Viking Soldier

Sunontuss ———> Viking Soldier

Staff Promos

Jorge ———> Viking Chief

Mabel ———> Viking Guard

Grey ———> Viking Guard

Vio ———> Viking Guard

Water Vikings Olympics Results!

Hello hello Water Vikings! Today I shall summarize the events of the first ever Water Vikings Olympics! I shall also finally declare a winner! But before I do, I would like to formally acknowledge Woezel and Df44 for their combined efforts towards making this amazing banner!

The first WV Olympics were held from 24th May, 2021 to 30th May, 2021. They consisted of a variety of games, such as Ice Fishing, Cart Surfer, and more!

The Opening Ceremony took place on 24th May. We gathered at the Docks for a ceremonial Planting of the Flag, and Mistymoonlake declared the Water Vikings Olympics Open! The Vikings rushed to hop over bottles and frogs as they competed for first in Hydro Hopper! Paragon9 took home the gold 321 coins – that’s 3210 points!

The next event we held was the Ice Fishing tournament! As the Vikings cast and reeled and cast again, due to my limited knowledge, we had 3 winners for 3 different categories! Congratulations to Sol for winning in the General Category, Paragon9 for winning in the Lures Category, and Comsk for winning in the Allies Category!

Sol’s score

Paragon9’s score

Comsk’s score

We didn’t forget about our AUSIA gang! In the spirit of fairness, we held 3 AUSIA events, the first of which was the Dancelympics! The Vikings grooved to their choice of music, their only restriction the time. Looks like Oreo did her research, because she won this round with a score of 49,158 points!

Yet another AUSIA event saw a newcomer secure first place. 10 Vikings faced off in the Find Four Tournament, but only one emerged victorious. Congratulations to Wolfgirl beating the rest!

As a part of Olympics week, we also had a Battle vs SWAT, in which the Vikings secured an irrefutable win! Words are so important, especially when people have robbed your victory in the past smh. Here’s a little snipped which I feel captures the essence of the battle:

After the highly successful battle, we entered the last day of the Olympics, on which we had two events. The first was an AUSIA Cart Surfer Tournament. After a small skirmish with the Ice Warriors, the Vikings rode the rails, trying to rack up points with sick flips and tricks. Our beloved GunMommy emerged victorious with an indisputable win! He managed to collect 1755 coins – a score so high nobody can usurp him as Cart King for a while.

Our last and final event for the Water Vikings Olympics was the Pizzalympics! I hope you have a sweet tooth, because the Vikings donned their chef caps and aprons to whip up amazing Candy Pizzas in the Pizzatron300! The winner of this round was Paragon9 with 37 pizzas sold!

The Water Vikings Olympics was a huge success, and it was all thanks to you guys for participating and being amazing! But we can’t close this chapter unless we declare a winner, can we?

And now, presenting the winners (yes, multiple) of the First Event Water Vikings Olympics

Paragon9 for most wins and Oreo for most points!

Congratulations guys!

And with this, I, Mistymoonlake, Viking Commander, declare the 1st Water Vikings Olympics


Civil War

Greetings Water Vikings!

This post will include the information on how points will be awarded to a division. The division with the most points at the end of the second week shall be declared as the winner of this conflict. Read on to find more about the points scheme.

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