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Welcome to the Water Vikings of Club Penguin! Now that you’re joining us, or thinking about joining us, you probably have some questions about who we are, what we do, and what’s in store for you here. On this page, we’ll try and answer those questions for you, as well as teach you the basics needed to be in a Club Penguin army.

Who are the Water Vikings?

The Water Vikings are a Club Penguin army created in 2010 by Zakster and Jed Pen. For 10 years, we’ve been one of the most important armies in Club Penguin, reaching number one multiple times. More importantly, we pride ourselves in our friendliness and inclusiveness.

What are Club Penguin armies and events?

A Club Penguin army is more of a community of people who hold events on both Club Penguin Rewritten and the CP Armies private server. The nature of events differs, varying from recruiting, battles, wars, costume-themes, and training. During events, we do tactics (which are typically coordinated emotes) in either a formation (a circle, plus, X) or a bomb. These events nearly always last 30 minutes or less and are held every day or every other day.

Now that I’m a Water Viking, what do I need?

Firstly, you need the uniform. The ideal uniform is wearing Dark Blue with a Blue Viking Helmet, Blue Sunglasses, Blue Cape, Blue Hockey Jersey, Blue Electric Guitar and Blue Sneakers. However, if you don’t have those items, anything blue while wearing Dark Blue and a Blue Viking Helmet works fine!Secondly, you’ll need to register for as a lot of battles and tournaments are held on that private server. You don’t need to worry about the uniform here, simply enter !army wv in game and you’ll have it!

Lastly, it’s necessary for you to be in our Discord server, as event orders and all up-to-date Water Vikings-related information resides there. It’s also where you get to meet fellow Water Vikings and make friends!

How do I get promotions/rank up?

In order to rise up in the ranks, the number one way is to attend events. The more events you attend, the more medals you earn, and once you reach a certain amount of medals, you’ll receive a promotion. Recruiting is a fast way to earn promotions, so if you can bring friends to join the Water Vikings, you’ll find yourself high in the ranks in no time.


Now that you’ve learnt the very basics of the Water Vikings and Club Penguin armies as a whole, you’re ready to join us for real! Be sure to check the Discord for information of when the next event is so you can put this knowledge into practice.

However, if you do still have questions or queries feel free to message a high-ranking viking in the Discord and they will be happy to help.


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