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Practice Battle vs Help Force

Hey there, Vikings.

Today, we logged on for a Practice Battle with the¬†Help Force, the battle itself was going somewhat well, with a fairly low max, but decent tactics and satisfactory formations throughout. The battle, however, only lasted less than a room, due to CP Rewritten’s servers getting taken down for maintenance, thus lagging everyone out and rendering the battle result¬†a no contest.

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WV vs ACP vs SE Three-Way Battle

Hey there, Vikings

Today, we logged on for an exciting three-way battle with both of our brother allies, SE and ACP. The battle itself was fantastic, it was fairly competitive throughout, with all three armies having decent formations and exceptional tactics. Ultimately, CPAHQ thought ACP edged it, thus giving them the Win.

[Max: 25]

We have a massive battle against¬†Help Force¬†today, so make sure you react in our¬†#Event-Info¬†channel, so we know you’re attending!

Top Ten Troops [28-03-21]

Frostbite, Water Vikings Capital ‚ÄstThe seventh edition of the Top Ten Troops of Water Vikings is finally here, and yet again showcases the skill and dedication of numerous members of our Moderator team, read on to see if you made it!

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Water Vikings Weekly Recap [28-03-21]

Water Vikings Weekly Recap

Hey there,¬†Vikings! Here we are with yet another Weekly¬†Water¬†recap, and it’s been a success, to say the least! We had a multitude of battles and events, all of which went very well. So, let’s get on with it!

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Practice Battle vs Silver Empire [26/03/21]

Hey there Vikings!

Today we logged on for an exciting Practice Battle with our Brother Allies, the Silver Empire! We had a fantastic battle, in which both armies put in an exceptional effort. We had clean tactics as well as decent speed and formations, well done everyone!

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Top Ten Troops [2/21/21-2/28/21]

Frostbite, Water Vikings Capital¬†‚Äď The fourth edition of the Top Ten Troops of Water Vikings sees an interesting mix of both staff and citizens of the Water Vikings empire.

1. Df44 [+6] [93.48]

2. Jorge M [0] [91.66]

3. Oreo [+7] [69.62]

4. Claire [-1] [69.07]

5. Pydro [+6] [55.44]

6. AyeMatty [-2] [54.64]

7. Kiloz [-1] [52.96]

8. Minty [-3] [47.85]

9. Mabel [+4] [46.7]

10. AlexNight [+4] [46.46]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>
11. Rawr [-2] [38.88]
12. Sofia [NEW!] [38.52]
13. Hyperwolf [NEW!] [35.9]
14. ph1563 [+1] [33.44]
15. Gevurah [NEW!] [32.14]


Where did YOU place in this weeks Top Ten Troops? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


Water Viking War Training Event

Hey there Water Vikings!

Today, we logged on for an extremely important Training Event, this was very good preparation for future plans we have, thanks to all those that attended! Our next event will be on the 25th (today), at 9PM UK/4PM EST.

[Max: 21]

 [Average: 16]

Thanks to all those that attended!

Practice Battle with Ice Warriors [23-02-21]

Hey there Water Vikings!

Today we logged onto Abominable for a Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors. We maxed a fantastic 25+ penguins and had fantastic tactics and formations throughout the battle!

 [Max: 25]

[Average: 22]

Thanks to all those that attended! Our next event is in two days, so make sure to attend!

Weekly Water Recap [21-02-21]

Water Vikings Weekly Recap

Staff U-Lead Event [Max: 25]

Tux Redux Takeover [Max: 20]

RPF Practice Battle Training Event [Max: 27]

Practice Battle against RPF [Max: 40+]




Promotions this week, well done everyone!


Top Ten Troops this week!

Ultimately, we had an extremely successful week, Vikings!. We had a multitude of events, ranging from Takeovers to a massive Practice Battle with the RPF which was without a doubt the highlight of our week Рas seen above, we maxed a very impressive 40+ penguins, well done everyone.