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June Catalog Secrets


FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital Hellooo vikings!! Welcome to another edition of the Ocean Oracle! A new Penguin Style has been released for June on Club Penguin Rewritten. It contains tons of summer and music themed items and I will be showing you all the secrets inside the catalog! (And if you need coins for all these cool items, use the code FORBROKEPENGUINS for 10000 coins 😮)


Page one has five items: the Saturated Sombrero, Saturated Poncho, Pair of Maracas, Orange Flower Bikini, and the Blue Quilted Vest.


Page two has six items: the Icy Eyelashes, Twilight Lei, Music Jam T-Shirt, Starlet Eyes, Fishing Vest, and the Starshine Makeup.


Page three has four items: the Boombox, Blue High Tops, Orange Fade Hoodie, and the Color Splash Hoodie.


Page four has five items: the Holo DJ Suit, The Holo Headphones, The Fuchsia Fringe, The Funktastic, and the Straw Fedora.


Page five has four items: the Rainbow Hoodie, The Rainbow Curls, The Rainbow Sweep, and the Western T-Shirt.


That’s it for this months catalog secrets! What do YOU think about these hidden items? Let us know in the comments below or on discord.


Viking Commander & OO Skald

Weekly Promotions [06-20-21]

Heyy vikings!

This weeks promos are out!! Congrats to those who got promoted!

End of Week Promos

Toby ———> Viking Captain

Seal ———> Viking Captain

Qualy ———> Viking Berserker

Ashley ———> Viking Sailor

Mystic ———> Viking Sailor

Rachoogian ———> Viking Soldier

Ebizu ———> Viking Soldier

Iby ———> Viking Soldier

Jean Sama ———> Viking Soldier

Staff Promos

Mabel ———> Viking Chief

Sol ———> Viking Guard

Paragon ———> Viking Warrior

Cait ———> Viking Warrior

[EU] Lavender Takeover

Hellooo Vikings!!

Today, 16th June 2021, we logged onto Zipline on Club Penguin Rewritten for a fun Lavender Takeover and Capture the Flag with our brother allies, the Silver Empire! We warmed up in the Gift Shop, then met up with SE at the Stadium! We then had a fun game of capture the flag that they won yet again. A big thanks to Jorge for VC transcribing this event and thanks to everyone else who came! Continue reading

Weekly Promotions [06-13-21]

Helloooo fellow vikings!!!

Here’s this weeks promotions! Congrats to everyone who got promoted, they were well deserved!!

End of Week Promos

Modded ———> Viking Staff Trainee

Cait ———> Viking Staff Trainee

Seal ———> Viking Berserker

Qualy ———> Viking Sailor

Alien ———> Viking Soldier

Jazzzzy ———> Viking Soldier

Izzyyy ———> Viking Soldier

Ashley ———> Viking Soldier

CallMeNameLess ———> Viking Soldier

Staff Promos

Fudge ———> Viking Warrior

Reekid ———> Viking Warrior

Sol ———> Viking Warrior

Weekly Promotions [06-06-21]

Helloooo vikings!!

So from now on we’ll be doing promotions on the site.😮 Congrats to everyone that got promoted!!!


End of Week Promos

Sol ———> Viking Staff Trainee

Tomato ———> Viking Staff Trainee

Cait ———> Viking Navy Officer

A l e x ———> Viking Navy Officer

ModdedVirus ———> Viking Navy Officer

FBIChris ———> Viking Navy Officer

Wolf girl ———> Viking Major

Qualy ———> Viking Soldier

Pxrple Pixxie Rxnger ———> Viking Soldier

Sunontuss ———> Viking Soldier

Staff Promos

Jorge ———> Viking Chief

Mabel ———> Viking Guard

Grey ———> Viking Guard

Vio ———> Viking Guard

[US] Civil War [10-4-2021]

Hey Vikings!

Today, on April 10 2021, we logged on to Ascent on CPR for our final Civil War battle between Atlantic and Pacific. Both divisions did an amazing job with the help of df44, Chey, Claire, Alex, dino, and me (Oreo :P)! We started off in the Forts, moved on to the Berg, and finished off in the Docks. Congratulations to both divisions on a job well done, and congrats Pacific for securing another win! Continue reading