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[30/08/20] Invasion of Cozy – Results

EDIT: CPAH reviewed the battle and changed the result to a tie, meaning while we are still lossless in the war, SWAT keep Cozy

Hey Water Vikings,

On Sunday we had an invasion of SWAT’s server Cozy, where we maxed 30 vikings against their 23. Despite this, CPAH somehow managed to reach the conclusion that we lost both the Ship Hold and the Rink. Well, take a look at the video and make up your own mind (whether they have concluded or even begun the review of the verdict I have no clue). This was also Manu’s farewell event as today he flies off the begin navy bootcamp. 😦 Apologies for the late post.

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Water Vikings’ Flag Art Competition – RESULTS

Hi Water Vikings,

After a week’s wait, the leadership has finally reached a decision on the winner of our flag competition. Every single submission was special and unique in it’s own way, but unfortunately we could only choose one to represent the Water Vikings’ nation and win the Nitro prize.

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Removal of Chainpro, Jamie, and Zucculente


In just the past hour, it has been brought to the attention of the WV command that newly-inaugurated leader Chainpro, 2nd-in-command Jamie and 3rd-in-command Zucculente have been circulating a screamer link that redirects to an IP grabber. This behaviour does not represent the Water Vikings in any shape or form, nor is it behaviour that we tolerate, and so all involved have been met with swift removal from the ranks and banishment from the Discord.

To Chain and Jamie: Until only very earlier, I thought of you guys as funny, down to earth people who really wanted to make a difference here. Even in such a short time, I really grew to like you guys, so this news particularly hurts me. All I can say now is that I am upset and disappointed.

-Change, WV Leader