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[EU] Asteroid Takeover

Hello Vikings,

On 22 May, 2021 we logged onto Zipline on CPR to dress up as Asteroids and fly across over Club Penguin. We logged on to do tactics in Gift Shop, Cove and Beach. Thank you to DragonX for doing warm ups. Another thank you for Abi, Oreo and Misty for leading. Thanks for Jorge for VC leading. Last but not least one last thanks to  everyone who attended. We did great today with  the tactics. 

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[US] Spy Takeover

Hello Water Vikings!

Today 16 May, 2021 we logged onto ABOMINABLE on Club Penguin Rewritten for a Spy Takeover event! We starting doing warm up at the Berg and heading across Club penguin in Stadium, Town, Berg and back to Town. Thank you to Claire, Oreo and Chey for leading and Mabel and Alex for VC leading. Another thanks for everyone who attended! This was a fun event and everyone did well.

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[US] Battle VS Templars


Hey Vikings!

Today 11th May, 2021 we logged onto Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten to battle the Templars. We entered the  Cove and Stadium to face the Templars with Chey, Df and Misty leading a room during the event. A big thanks to you guys for leading. We didn’t do our best this event but can try to do better at the next event which is a battle against the Ice Warriors on  12th May, 2021. Thanks for everyone who attended.

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[EU] Operation Federation

Hello Vikings!

Today, Thursday April 29, 2021 we logged onto ABOMINABLE for a fun event. As we were doing tactics in the Town, Iceberg, Docks, and Beach, we wore red today instead of our usual blue, in honor of the Funks Takeover, celebrating the Federation Army, an army Kingfunks4 led in 2014. It was then merged with the Water Vikings, which led to the Blue Summer! Continue reading

[EU] Battle Against Ice Warriors

Hey Vikings!

On April 7,2021 we logged on to Ascent on CPR to battle against the Ice Warriors.  As we went into Stadium, Iceberg, and Snow Forts with big word tactic bombs, we made sure the do these tactic quickly and efficiently. Both armies did very well with their forms, tactics and speed. Thank you everyone who was able to attend! Continue reading