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[AUSIA] Ausia Training Results!

Hey Water Vikings!


Today we logged onto Crystal for a quick Ausia training with a fun Cart Surfing tourney to follow. We were able to Max 27 Vikings with phenomenal tactics throughout. I’m beyond proud of how far our Ausia has come in these past few weeks and I look forward to what we can do in the future! Don’t forget we have a UK Training event later today so be sure to attend if you’re free! Great work Water Vikings!

Thank you to Garf, Df, Dino, and Cotton for taking pictures!

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[UK] Battle Against the Ice Warriors Results!

Hey Water Vikings,


Today we logged onto the server Crystal to battle the army the Ice Warriors! We were able to max 32 Vikings and challenge the #1 army on the top ten which is a great step in the right direction! Lets keep working hard and continue to grow Water Vikings! Let’s continue this growth and defeat SWAT tomorrow in a battle at 5 PM EST!

Special thanks to Cotton, Alex, Df, Dino, Comedy, and Electrumm for taking pictures!

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[AUSIA] Ausia Training Event

Hey Water Vikings, 


Today we logged onto Blizzard for a quick Ausia event. We were able to max 31 Vikings in the event, while we worked on improving tactics and formations for the Ausia Division. Great work Water Vikings, be ready for our battle against Help Force tomorrow!

Thanks to Cotton, Df, Alex, Ph, Claire, and Dragon for taking pictures!

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[EU] March Madness First Round Results! [VICTORY]

Hey Water Vikings,


Today we logged onto the server Crystal to battle PZF. Unfortunately PZF backed out of the tourney so we were put up against the CPAHQ staff team. We were able to max 46 Vikings at the event with awesome tactics throughout. We have an Ausia event tomorrow, so please react in the server if you can make it!

I’d also like to thank Abi, Funks, Cotton, Alex, Dino, Bluey, and PG for taking great pics!

Great work today Vikings!

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[UK] Final Battle of Golden Seas War [VICTORY]

Hey Water Vikings,


Today we logged onto The server Crystal for the third invasion of the Golden Seas war against the Templars. As they showed up with a whopping 1 troop, we won the battle with 45 Vikings and as a result are claiming Victory of the Golden Seas War. I am extremely proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in the recent week and look forward to what we will continue to accomplish as we grow. Thank you to all those who led and took pictures! Don’t forget we have the Victory Parade on Tuesday at 4 PM EST!

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♔Declaration of War on Templars♔

Declaration of War

Declaration approved by the Water Vikings Nation

Officially declaring that a state of war exists between the Templars and the people of the Water Vikings nation.

Dated 3rd March 2021.

Whereas the Templars leadership has committed repeated acts of war against the Water Vikings nation: Therefore be it that this matter be resolved by means of conflict between both nations as formally declared herewith.

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