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Round 2 of Legends Cup vs Help Force

Hey WV. Today we had our Legends Cup battle vs the Help Force, which we lost. Although sad, we did give them a good fight. I’m so proud of everyone who has contributed to us making it this far. Good luck to Help Force in the Semi Finals.

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Invasion of Glacial [US/UK]

Hello WV, day late sorry about that!

We had our invasion of Glacial yesterday which was a HUGE success. We added yet another server to our growing empire. We had a nice max of 24. Great job everyone!

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[US/UK] Practice Battle vs ACP

Hello WV! Yesterday we had a friendly practice battle with our brother ally the Army of Club Penguin! Both sides did really good, and it was tons of fun. We maxed 32, great job guys! Tomorrow we have our invasion of Glacial to add another server to our empire. Then on Saturday we have our Legends Cup battle with the Help Force! We need everyone there for that so make sure to attend Saturdays battle.

 [Max 32]

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Results of Legends Cup Round 1 vs Smart Penguins

Hello WV! Today we battled our brother ally, Smart Penguins, in round one of the Legends Cup tournament. The result was, you guessed it, a total WV Victory! We dominated all 3 rooms and sent Smart Penguins back home for the summer. Next weekend we take on the Help Force, so were going to need everyone there to be able to beat them. Here are some pics from todays event.

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[US/UK] Invasion of Snow Day

Good Evening Water Vikings,

Today we continued our glorious conquest on Club Penguin Rewritten by successfully invading the server of Snow Day. We started off in the Town and then made our way to the Inside Mine where we maxed 26. We then went to the Iceberg for some Legends Cup training.

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[US/UK] Invasion of Grizzly

This thing still on? Alright, good.

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