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[EU] Battle VS SWAT


Today, 29th May, 2021, we logged onto Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten to battle SWAT!

We met up at the Gift Shop for the warmups then headed over to the Iceberg for the first room and then the Stadium and finally, we ended it off at the Cove.

Special thanks to Misty, Df, and Sofia for leading the rooms! And another very special thanks to the amazing Jorge for doing some very very nice VC transcribing!! Nice work fella 😀

I think it’s no question that we easily won this battle, they just couldn’t keep up with our tactics we just had the kind of speed they had never seen before!!

MAX: 23

Also, make sure you react and turn up to two Olympics games tomorrow which are Cart Surfer and Pizzatron!!

Cya there Vikings!!

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