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April Catalog Secrets!

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hey Water Vikings! Some of you may know about the Viking helmet being a hidden item, but today I am going through the catalog, revealing EVERY HIDDEN ITEM! Read on for tons of secrets in the April 2021 catalog, some are even FREE!

There are 4 different hidden items on this page!

On to the next page, which has a total of 7 different hidden items!

Away we go to the next adventure-esque page filled with 5 secrets!

The next Croc-alicious page doesn’t have any cheats, so we move on to cops and robbers with 7 secrets!

On to the next page, news reporter themed with 7 secrets!


Another 7-secret page is up next!

The last new page of the April catalog has the final froggy hat!


That’s all for the new April pages! What do YOU think about this hidden items? If you read this and found it helpful DM me to let me know!


Second In Command & OO Skald

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