[EU] Practice Battle Against Templars

Hey Water Vikings!

Today we logged onto CPArmies.net for a fun practice battle against the Templars. We battled for the span of 30 minutes practicing some unique formations and new movements.

After battling hard, we came out victorious with a score of 3-0! As the judges said, ‘Due to their bigger size, cleaner formations, and quicker tactics, Water Vikings have won the practice battle!’ Amazing job Vikings! Make sure to attend our AUSIA Puffle Takeover tomorrow on October 24th, at 9AM EST!

Max: 45

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[EU] Arctic vs. Marines vs. Golden Troops Practice Battle

Heyyy Water Vikings!

Today we logged onto CPArmies.net for a friendly practice battle! We had our two divisions, Arctic and Marines, go up against each other, as well as a special guest: the Golden Troops! Each army battled ferociously for the span of 3 rooms, where everyone worked hard to show off their amazing formations and tactics!

After a long and hard battle, one army came out on top… Our Arctic Division!! Congrats to them, and a wonderful job to the Golden Troops and the Marines. Amazing performance from everyone who attended! Make sure to attend our battle against the Templars on Friday, October 23rd, at 4PM EST!

Max: 40

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[EU] Fight or Fright: Round 1 Against Help Force

Pjayo edit: IT WAS THE I

Hey Water Vikings!

Today we logged onto CPArmies.net for our battle against the Help Force in CP Army Hub’s Fight or Fright Tournament. We battled vigorously for the duration of 4 rooms, which included an overtime room as well. After a neck to neck battle, the judges declared the Help Force victorious. The Helpers won in the first and fourth room, while we overpowered them in the third room, and the second room was called a tie.

Regardless of this loss, we performed amazingly showing off our amazing speed and formations! Keep up the hard work, Water Vikings!

Max: 60

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[06.10.20] Marines Vs Arctics Vs Crimson Guardians

Hello Water Vikings!

On the 6th of October our two divisions, Arctics and Marines, logged on for a Practice battle with with special guests the Crimson Guardians. All three of the groups present fought hard but in the end the Arctic clan was victorious with a score of [2-1-0] [WTL].

Thank you to everyone who attended

Max : 34

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[EU] Arctic vs. Marines vs. Water Ninjas Practice Battle

Hey Water Vikings!

Today we logged on for our debut battle of our two new divisions: Arctic and Marines. Our two brand new divisions went up against each other, alongside a special guest, the Water Ninjas! This three-way battle lasted for 30 minutes as each team fought furiously to win the battle. In the end, everyone performed fantastically but there can only be one winner…

The judges stated, “WVA had great tactics speed, bomb speed, and formations“, which resulted in a score of 2-0-1 (win-loss-tie), in favor of Arctic! Congratulations to Arctic and a great job to the Marines and Water Ninjas! Make sure to attend our second ever division battle against the Crimson Guardians on October 6th at 3PM EST!

Max: 48

-Sarahah, 2ic

[EU] Victory Parade

Hello Water Vikings!

Today we marched across CPArmies.net to celebrate our victory in the war against SWAT. After over a month of battling, we finally took their final server on Sunday, September 27th, with allowed us to force treaty. In order to celebrate our long-awaited victory, we held this fun event where we spent 30 minutes marching across the map, from Forts, all the way to the Lighthouse. Amazing job Vikings! Make sure to attend our Grape Takeover on Sunday October 4th at 9AM EST! 

Max: 70

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