[EU] Invasion of Cozy

Heyo Water Vikings!

Today we logged onto CPArmies.net in order to invade SWAT’s server: Cozy. We performed amazingly for the duration of 3 rooms. We did so well that we swept SWAT with a score of 3-0-0. The Judge stated that we had “more creative and generally cleaner formations, while their movement tactics were outstanding.

Fabulous job Water Vikings! Make sure to attend our invasion at 4PM EST AND our defense at 8PM EST for tomorrow, September 24th.

Max: 37

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[US] Defense of Ice Cave

Hiya Water Vikings!

Earlier today we logged onto to defend our territory, Ice Cave, from SWAT. We battled long and hard for the duration of 3 rooms in some fun squid costumes. Although, unfortunately, we were unable to successfully defend our land. Our opponents took over room 1 and room 2, but on the bright side, we did tie for the final room. Even though we lost, we still did a great job! Make sure to attend our next invasion on Sept. 23rd at 3PM EST!

Max: 33

-Sarahah, 2ic

[US] Defence of Fiesta Results [Successful]

Hey Water Vikings,


Today we logged on to defend Fiesta from SWAT. I’m proud to say that with great sizes, quick tactics, and creative formations, we were not only able to protect Fiesta from SWAT hands, but we were able to sweep them in a 3-0 win. Great job today Water Vikings! Be sure to attend our next invasion at 9 AM EST Monday!

Max: 42


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[EU] Successful Invasion of Fiesta

Hey Water Vikings!

Today we logged on to Fiesta, CPA for our scheduled invasion of the SWAT controlled server Fiesta! Luckily due to our superior tactics we were able to obtain victory in all three rooms and take control of the server! Well done to everyone who attended and especially well done for the fantastic tactics! Make sure to keep an eye out for our Nitro Giveaway later today!

Max: 34

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