Month-End Promotions

Hey Vikings! We’ve had a very successful month, therefore we will be handing out some month-end promotions. If your name is in green you have been promoted. If you weren’t promoted yet, work a little harder at attending events and recruiting! You’ll surely be promoted next time around!

Click “read more” to view the new ranks with promotions!

Buddy, Pjayo, Thomas83514Kingfunks4, Zoomey, Fedd76



 Blueysib6, Potassium, Clifford, Manu

Bryce, DramaAlert, 42, TyDinkyDoo

1      RankIcon4ic.pngRankIcon4ic.png

Kyle, Carmelo2013, Joelfreak, Daniel11420, Jay, DrkbluDakblue

To be a 4ic, you must be prepared for higher command. That means, you must be added to the recruiting site and you will follow the rules provided or you will be demoted down to 5ic again.


Alien, Tomaro-kun,


colormehappy vikingstickers vikings headgear shield shi...colormehappy vikingstickers vikings headgear shield shi...



 DarkonorrRIP, Stryflon



Bugemmett, Jaul1ne, Leafsong, Izuku, Angelt0ast

Homovic, Arureadindis, Niya

Aaeb, Shaktimaan5, Akira, Woof, Owlbear,


Yaneisy, cece7o3(Yuck), Lucy, Iceberg4968, Mellen10, Pengyu4, Weevilegg, Vanessa K, Esperalis

Jaymato, jazz, griffin126, Me is Ukuni, tomapro7856, Credit Saver Para!

 Marie22468, kratas, Penguinfate5, Safgamer, Mystic Fire, Beanos

Pinecone14, Poopies923, Falcon32, T3tsu, owogodlord, PENGUIN11321, MeepyAndy, PurpleB1, KINGPETERXD, TheCoolPengy, Pophead3125, Unknownkraze, PenguinCraze, Icecube10, citydog, dfdfdfdfdf, Oompie, Burnt2Ash, MallaCat, Klrsiowalski, jozel, Ariki5, PeaceMak3r, Klippa, Bri, liviacarolina99, Ima Vampire, Psardo, Killerwat, Tankerboss, sammy29943, Bora434, Gamerpro10, alexbruhh29, GucciJew, CraveCanela, EUPINGU


Image result for united states military council symbolsAdvisorsImage result for united states military council symbols

Superhero123, Tylund1, Jack283, Change, Revan, Tymatt, Nicwin

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