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Water Vikings: Announcements

New to Water Vikings?

Hey there, new troop! If you want to join us and become a Water Viking to get a chance to win Discord Nitro, promotions and more, just click the link below to join our discord. There you’ll receive information about our next battle and talk with all the other friendly Water Vikings!

Join our Discord chatroom — BeatMaker Forums

[AUSIA] Misty’s Birthday Party!

Oi Vikings!

Today, Friday, May 14th, we logged onto Ascent, CPR, for a special AUSIA event, to celebrate the birthday of our spicy leader MistyWe performed awesome formations, tactics, and bombs throughout the Plaza, Pizza Parlor, and Night Club. It was a super fun event! Thank you Misty for leading, Sofia for an amazing and hyped VC transcription, and Alex for warmup. Let’s not forget DJ Clown Jorge with his funky beats! And, of course, thank you to everyone that showed up to wish a warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!


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Mountain Expedition Party

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hey Vikings! Welcome to another edition of the Ocean Oracle! The CPR Mountain Expeditional Party is out now, and today we bring you a guide on how to get its new items, stamps, and a walk through the expedition.

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[EU] Practice Battle Against Ice Warriors

Goooood day to each and every Viking – or a friend of the Viking’s – who may be reading this post right now!

On this fine day, 12th of May, we  logged onto Abominable on CPR to have a neat practice battle with the Ice Warriors.  The benevolent battle was to celebrate our Blue History. Starting from the Forts we headed into the Iceberg only to return back to the Forts due to our opponents needing a little more time. After 5 minutes of Alex’s warmups we rushed back to the Iceberg which we then entered the Forts once again and finally the Stadium. Big thanks to Jorge for leading the first room and vc transcribing all of the rooms and to our beloved leaders Misty and Oreo for leading the second and third room.  Thank you for all you lovely Vikings who made it to today’s event!

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Pacifism in CPA – a rant

SLIPPERS, Former Viking Leaders Home – Hello Everyone! This post will be a bit different from the usual ones you’ll find in this lovely Ocean Oracle. This will basically just be a short version of me ranting and raving and complaining.

Disclaimer: This post expresses the personal opinion of the writer. These views do not represent the standing of WV as a whole on the matters they address. 

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[US] Battle VS Templars


Hey Vikings!

Today 11th May, 2021 we logged onto Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten to battle the Templars. We entered the  Cove and Stadium to face the Templars with Chey, Df and Misty leading a room during the event. A big thanks to you guys for leading. We didn’t do our best this event but can try to do better at the next event which is a battle against the Ice Warriors on  12th May, 2021. Thanks for everyone who attended.

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Weekly Water Recap [09-05-21]

Water Vikings Weekly Recap

Greetings Vikings! It’s me, HeroZero1234! A lot of amazing watery things happened this week, let’s sum them up!

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This Week in CP Armies: World Wars I, II & III

HOT CHOCOLATE, Foreign Affairs – Hello everyone! Welcome to the first edition of This Week in CP Armies. This series of posts will cover numerous moments of the army community since its beginning to the present days.

This week, we will look into the three first ever Club Penguin World Wars. World Wars I, II & III were crucial to the development of warfare in CP Armies. Find out more about these wars, each one covered by one of us (df44, WWI; Chey, WWII & Claire, WWIII). And check out the special interview with an army veteran that participated in World War III.
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[EU] Igloo Party!!

Hey Vikings!!

Today, 7th May, 2021, we logged onto Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten for a very unique and special event where we celebrated Mother’s Day and went to party at 2 igloos!!

We started off at the town and then went to Misty’s and Df’s igloo. With the help of Alex, Misty, and Abi leading and the amazing Jorge M vc transcribing, we wished all the Mothers a good day, especially GunMommy Cotton 🙂

We also had Super see the void when the last igloo glitched and the poor man had a glimpse of death…


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[US] Kite Flying Competition

Hello Kite Vikings!

   Today, May 8th, 2021, we logged on to Zipline on Club Penguin Rewritten for our Kite Flying Competition! The Water Vikings had a great and fun performance through the Gift Shop, Stadium and Snow Forts! We had amazing 26 troops online flying the most awsome KITE ever!
Shoutout to AlexNight for transcribing, Claire, Misty and Jorge for leading rooms and Jorge (again yay) for VC leading! Thank you leaders, staff members and all troops who made their kites fly high today! Stay tuned for our  next event tomorrow, May 9th, our Mother’s Day Igloo Party, make sure to attend because it’s gonna be super fun see y’all there! Continue reading

[AUSIA] Rainbow Week Red Takeover

Hey Vikings!

Today, on 8th May, 2021, we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a Red Takeover! We hung around in the Town having loads of fun, maxing 26 Penguins! Shoutout to Jorge for VC transcribing and leading along with Misty and Vio. Also thanks to Sol for recording this video here!

This event marked the end of the Rainbow Takeover, but fear not! Stay tuned for later today we will be hosting a Kite Flying Competition!

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