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If you want to become a Water Viking and join a fun community which hosts Discord Nitro giveaways; simply click the link below to join our discord. There you’ll receive information about our next battle and talk with all the other friendly Water Vikings!

[EU] The Day of Many Events 17/10/21

Welcome, Vikings!

Join me as I take you through the events of this… uh, eventful day! We logged on to Ascent on CPR for our Champions Cup Battle vs RR! We gathered at the Docks to collect our wits before going to the Everyday Phoning Facility (which is just that and nothing more) and battling the Red Ravagers who wore invisibility cloaks! Once we secured the win, we moved to the Snow Forts to battle the Ice Warriors, who were acting particularly mugglish IMO (jk all love) Finally, we waddled to the Plaza for a group selfie! Thanks for coming folks!

Max: 24

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[AUSIA] Battle the Dance 16/10/21

Howdy-do Vikings!

Today we do-si-do’d to Ascent on CPR to bust out our best moves! We started off at the Snow Forts before we went over to the Nightclub and danced our hearts out. Congratulations to the dance machine Oreo for winning the Dance Contest!

Max: 13

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[EU] Thin Ice Tournament 15/10/21

Hola Vikings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR to play some Thin Ice! Where better to gather than the Iceberg before we headed on over to the Arcade to play! Congratulations to Paragon9 for once again winning game night and securing the Thin Ice God role (very fitting for a score of 9863!)

Max: 20

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[EU] Ghosts vs Ghostbusters 13/10/21

Hello Vikerinos!

On Wednesday, we logged on to CPR donning our ghost outfits to scare the icicles out of the Ice Warriors, who wore their Proton Pack! We battled it out across the Stadium, Inside the Mine, and the Snow Forts! Thanks to all the ghouls and ghosts who showed up!

Max: 14

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AUSIA Fashion Show 13/10/21

Salutations, my fellow Vikings!

On this lovely day, we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a Fashion Show, for which of course we logged on fashionably late! We gathered at the Stadium before we catwalked to the Gift Shop (speaking of, what is it about cat ears that scream Date Night?)

We had a total of 4 rounds of which Revan was the judge. The themes and winners of each round were…

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Champions Cup Battle 1 Results

Hey there WV! Today we had our first battle in the Champions Cup tournament, where we defeated PIC in a 3-0 Victory! Great job everyone! GG to PIC! Continue reading

AUSIA Yeehaw Training 10/9/21

Hey there WV! Today we had an AUSIA Training event, thank you to all who came and took pictures! Dont forget that our Champions Cup battle is today as well! Now onto the results.

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[EU/US] Battle vs RPF 07/10/21

Greetings, Vikings!

Today we logged on to Abominable on CPR for a spooky Battle vs our lovely allies, RPF! We gathered on the picturesque Beach before heading over to the Stadium, Iceberg, and Docks to battle it out! Shoutout to everyone who gathered in Event VC only to sit in silence for the next 15mins 😉

See y’all on Saturday! Remember, we have an AUSIA and a Champions Cup Battle! 

Max: 18

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[AUSIA] Eye Spy With My Viking Eye 06/10/21

Heyo Vikings! 

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a super fun Scavenger Hunt! We hung out at the Forest for a bit, chasing Chicc, Pydro, and Revan cos why not? Then we scoured the island searching for the objects Revan picked out. BTW congrats to me for coming in first, Gary for second, and Klutzy for third! (AUSIA gang ftw)

Don’t forget about the Battle we have today against RPF!

Max: 15

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Club Penguin Catalogue October 2021

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Ghostly greetings, Vikings! It’s a new month, which means there’s a new catalogue on Club Penguin Rewritten, and it is SPOOOOKY! There are so many amazing outfits, you’ll need the coins so don’t forget to use the code ‘THANKYEW’ for 6,000 coins! Need some costume inspo? Then read on!

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