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Water Vikings: Announcements

Welcome to the Water Vikings!


Water Vikings are one of the oldest and friendliest Club Penguin armies! With frequent giveaways, our own Minecraft SMP server, and regular Club Penguin events, we’re one of the best Club Penguin communities to be a part of! Join our Discord now to get started!



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[AUSIA] Walk Walk Fashion Bloc

Hello Fashionistas!

Today we logged on to Zipline on CPR for a three-part event! First we gathered at the Forest for a Sword Duel, then we ran to the Cove to Battle SWAT & Silver Empire, and finally, we headed over to the Gift Shop for a Fashion Show! Keep reading to find out who won!

Max: 20

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[EU] Sword Duel with the Ice Warriors

Hello Pirakings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR to Duel with the Ice Warriors! We gathered at the Iceberg before meeting IW at the Stadium. We then moved to the Ship Battle room (just off the Beach) for a fearsome duel! Thanks to everyone for coming, and congratulations to Paragon for winning our Nitro Giveaway! See you tomorrow!

Max: 21

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Protected: The Water Vikings Recruiting Regiment is back!

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[AUSIA] Ausia Arena Round I

Hello Vikings! 

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR for the qualifying round of Ausia Arena! We gathered at the Snow Forts before storming the Mineshack to fight the based Red Ravagers! We took a quick dip in the Pool mid-battle to cool ourselves off, then dived right back into action! Thanks to our amazing ausia gang and Pixie’s awesome VC leading, we won this round! AUSIA GANG BEST GANG!

Max: 25

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[Ocean Oracle] January Igloo Catalog

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hey Vikings! A new Igloo Catalog has been released! What does it have and where are the hidden items? Continue reading to find out!

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[AUSIA] Beefy Vikings

Hello Vikings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a fun Ausia Training! Of course, we had so much beef in main chat today, we ended up grabbing some EO popcorn to watch the fight, but not before doing a few tactics on CPR :p

Thanks to everyone for coming, also thanks to the beef-starters for a delicious evening!

Max: 17

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[EU] Bingo Night

Hello Vikings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR for what was supposed to be a Battle Training, which after 10mins turned into Bingo Night! We chilled at the Stadium while Revan and I almost fell asleep, then Guncotton hosted Bingo 😀 Congratulations to Chey for being crowned the Bingo Master yet again! And thanks to everyone for coming!

Max: 19

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Templars, the CPA Magicians



Addressed to the USWV,

Greetings, fellow Water Vikings! This is your Consigliere Dino speaking. The Templars of Club Penguin today attempted to declare war on us. Unfortunately for them, that didn’t work out in favor. Read out to find out more!

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[AUSIA] Treasure Hunt

Hello Treasurekings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR for a Treasure Hunt! We started off at the Snow Forts before marching to the Plaza, then the Welcome Room! Our Vikings then searched the island for 6 items in a thrilling Treasure Hunt! Congratulations to Klutzy for coming in first place, Pydro for snagging second, and Oreo for coming in third!

Max: 21

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[EU] New Years Bonanza

Hello Vikings! 

Today we participated in the New Years Bonanza event hosted by CPAHQ! 8 different armies logging on to Crystal on CPR (the lag!) and battling a different army in each room! The Vikings Battled PIC, Templars, and Help Force today! It was a super fun event, thank you CPAHQ for hosting it! After the event, we headed over to my igloo for a Fashion Show! Congratulations to Shinde, Dino, and Aphrodite for winning! Make sure to check out their outfits below!

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